Conway Isle Progress Report (1)

I am proud to introduce my new simming project Conway Isle.

Here is the hood somewhat empty (ignore the test lots please)


An aerial view of the Baker Square section of the Isle (primary residential)

Right Side View:

Left Side View:

Back View:


It appears I forgot to snap a view from the front but you get it.  I decided to go with a smaller terrain this time.  It took me forever to just get one section of Oasis Valley filled in and I don’t want to repeat that mistake (since I believe that is what lead to some of my frustration with that hood).

Most of these lots are 1×1 (16 total) followed by 2×2 (5 total) and 3×1 (2 total).  I still have the corner to fill and a school to build before I can say Baker Square is finished.

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